Second Wind String Band

Old Time Fiddle Dance Band in NW Wisconsin

Second Wind's Beginnings

It probably all started somewhere back in our childhoods, but that's too far back to go.  J. Willie Williams has been a musician in  the Northwoods of Wisconsin with many various bands, but his ultimate passion is playing contra and square dance music.  He has run a Jam in Prairie Farm for about 10 years now.  Gene Prigge has been going to this Jam for many years and is good friends with Willie.

I moved to Spooner, Wisconsin about 3 years ago and at that time was going to a Song Circle in the Sarona area.  Gene also frequented this Song Circle with his bass and I would fiddle along.  He suggested I try the Jam in Prairie Farm.  After a few months I finally made my way to the Jam and the rest, as they say, is history.

Gene brought his brother, Bruce into the group and we began rehearsing, finally playing our first dance in Prairie Farm in February of 2012.  We've had quite a few outings since then and played a rich variety of venues, dances and non-dances.  Our favorites are the dances, of course.

To that end, we found three very talented and enthusiastic dance callers to work with. Lauren Thrift, Suzanne Gerlach and Nancy Frank each have beautiful singing voices. They have an uncanny, natural ability to harmonize with each other, even though they have ever sung together before we brought them together!

These three talented women bring a wonderful level of intensity and enthusiasm to their dance instruction, making it a fun evening for everyone.  No matter your level of expertise, they will get you moving like a pro.

We hope we have the pleasure of playing for you sometime and meeting you in person!

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